Content of the programme
This programme is aimed at establishing the sporting development of those eight to ten year old table tennis players who appear to be talented and motivated. The programme would lay special emphasis on methods applied in China for players of this age group.

The programme is aimed at providing the selected young players with such basic knowledge and skills of the sport which later on will be indispensable for their development to become internationally competitive. The lack of these skills and knowledge would lead to such professional disadvantage in their carreer first in the youth and later in the adult national teams which would be impossible to redeem in the sport of international level.

The Chinese connection
No one could be more authentic to professionally manage this programme than Fang Yan. She recently worked for nearly two years in BVSC and earlier she was a member of the Chinese national team and also coached children. Fang Yan chose Hungary as her new homeland four years ago and has been living in her own apartment in Budapest with her Chinese husband and son who attends university.

Cooperation with China
lt was with the help of Fang Yan that the cooperation agreement between BVSC and Dalian University Table Tennis Talent Centre was realized. ln the framework of the agreement we had joint trainings with the young players of the Chinese new wave who also participated at the Molnár János Memorial Competition in Hungary in February 2019. lt was also under the agreement that eleven Hungarian players between 12 and 15 years old participated in a 10-day joint Chinese-Hungarian training camp in the city of Dalian in August 2019. This 10-day training camp yielded very important, almost indispensable professional experiences also to Zsolt Vígh, former coach of the Hungarian Youth National Team and to Iván Herendi, former coach and head of the Hungarian Youth and Cadet National Team. The two of them and Fang Yan would primarily make up the team which could start this new joint work with the selected children in the spring of 2021.

Main principles of getting into the programme
1. Who:
a. Players on the national U11 ranking list of boys in the age group of 8 to 10 years
b. Registered players in the age group of 8 to 10 years not yet listed on the national ranking list but proposed by the various sections and clubs

2. How:
The selection of the players is a multiple-stage, complex process.
The aspects to be taken into account with a view to pre-indicating development are as follows: motivation, diligence, personality traits, mental and physical capabilities, other internal capabilities, supporting family and the actual level of technical knowledge.

As a starting point,
– taking into account the performance demonstrated at various competitions,
– taking into account the opinion of the clubs’ coaches,
– based on the consultation with the parents (do they support from time to time the absences from school at the beginning and the everyday trainings later on, do they want their child become a first-rank player).

Tests and examinations aimed at helping the selection process
– gauging selection-based reaction time,
– pendulum run, five-direction running tests,
– tapping test,
– complex medical examination.

The trainings
The work is planned to start in two groups, with 8 to 10 players in each group. Both groups will have monthly togetherness (training camp), the first time with a duration of 2 days, later on with a duration of 3 days.

This means that the coach team will have 3-day togethernesses in every two weeks as well as they will personally monitor the performance of the children participating in the programme. ln agreement with the clubs the coaches will also hold individual trainings for the extremely talented players.

Venue of the togethernesses
The Taraflex covered, 12-table hall of Club Aréna Győr would serve as the venue. The hall also has high-quality guest rooms.

Organization of the trainings
The professional work will be realized by a well-planned divion of labour, by team-work. ln addition to Fang Yan, Iván Herendi and Zsolt Vigh, the team of coaches will also include 2 to 4 alternating coaches and/or coaching partners. ln order to make the trainings as effective as possible for the young players, who are only at the beginning of their career, individual trainings by coaches and coaching partners will dominate the work with them. The number of the 8 to 10 years old players would be between 8 to 10 in each training. The trainings would be realized with what is called the multi-ball system and the most up-to-date Butterfly Amicus serving machine will also be available.

Content of the trainings
– perfecting the execution of the basic technics,
– maximalizing the safety of various types of shots,
– making players acquire the best footwork,
– learning how to serve efficiently,
– making players acquire the training intensity and training discipline of the Chinese,
– to teach players multi-balling with each other.

Being in touch with the club coaches
The efficiency we aim to achieve can only be reached if we are in continuous contact with the coaches of the clubs of the players being in the programme and if we systematically check the experiences of the trainings and competitions. The coaches of the clubs of the players in the programme will also be invited to participate in the togethernesses. ln addition to the evident professional advantages, by offering this opportunity we would also indicate that these majestic aims can only be achieved by joint efforts.

Training camps in China
We do not need to emphasize China’s outstanding role in our sport. ln pursuance of the cooperation agreement concluded earlier with the Chinese Talent Centre we plan to participate at a 10-day joint training camp with the young Chinese players in August 2022. The venue would be the 100-table complex of the city of Dalian on the seaside of the Yellow Sea.

We think that those players of the present programme who manifest diligence and devotion and outstanding professional development during the eight months of the trainings from October 2021 to May 2022 could also participate in the tour to China in August 2022.

Sponsors of the program


Photos about the trainings