• Here you can find the results of the 5th Youth Table Tennis World Festival. FINALS AND RESULTS Singles Boys. U11.: Volodymyr Nevishzin (Ukraine)–Peter Zubor (Hungary) 3:2 (-10, -6, 7, 12, 8). 1. Volodymyr Nevishzin, 2. Péter Zubor, 3. Márk Bardas (Romania) and Dávid Toró (Romania). U13: Amr Yahia (Egypt)–Samuel Kuhl (Germany) [...]

    Published On: 2022.07.01.
  • The World Festival, which started on Tuesday with a preparatory training camp and an international coaching seminar, ended with a spectacular closing ceremony on Sunday evening in Széchenyi Square, which was familiar for us from the opening ceremony. During the ceremony, the mayor of Győr, András Csaba Dézsi, exchanged [...]

    Published On: 2022.06.26.
  • The last day of the competition has arrived at the World Festival, where the semi-finals and finals of the individual events of the U13, U15, U17 and U19 age groups were held. Of Sunday’s eight gold medals, two went to Japan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, one each to Tunisia and [...]