Győr is waiting for you!

Rendezvous of the rivers, where the roads meet, hospitality of the Hungarian people, young buzzing atmosphere, the exciting patinated town: that is Győr,

the town of wonderful encounters

It is worth to visit the colourful and spectacular environment that this diverse town has to offer. Győr is situated halfway between Vienna and Budapest where multiple natural, cultural, and architectural sights combine.

Győr is filled with numerous breath-taking monuments and received the European Heritage Award for the reconstruction of the Baroque old town. The churches, museums, palaces, and quirky corner balconies which attract and allow visitors to take a time-travel stroll in the old town. Furthermore, Győr is rich with several hidden cafes, restaurants, and boarding houses all together with the famous Hungarian hospitality, help contribute to the unforgettable experience of taking a walk in the old town.

The town is proud of its art institutions and festivals which are famous both within and outside of Hungary.  Győr Ballet and National Theatre of Győr, Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, ‘Vaskakas’ Puppet Theatre that continues to produce outstanding performances.

Győr is a ‘festival town’ where interesting programs await lovers of art and people with a desire of cultural relaxation all year round.

Győr has huge traditions and exceptional opportunities in competitive and leisure sports. It is no coincidence that

The European Youth Olympic Festival

was also held in ’The city of rivers’ in 2017.

The town’s football team has a stunning history (4 times Hungarian Champion ETO FC Győr), while Győri Audi ETO KC has won five women’s handball champions league titles and continues to be one of the most dominant teams in the world.

Bodybuilding, football, water sports and martial arts are all available in Győr and do not forget about dance and leisure sport opportunities. Swimming, basketball, hockey, kayak canoe, aerobic and fitness communities can also be found. In the field of combat arts: aikido, judo, karate, and boxing clubs are popular as well in Győr.

All together there are more than 60 sport clubs in the town.