Dear Friends,

It’s a pleasure to invite you and your young players to participate at the Youth TT World Festival to be held in Hungary in June 2022. It’s a great honour for us to be able to provide the chance for the most talented players of the future generation to get to know and to compete with each other for World Ranking points.

We hope that our event will contribute to the development of the new, young generation of table tennis all over the world.

Characteristics of the competition:
Open tournament – for entry to all National Associations, Regional Delegations and Clubs – of the new table tennis generation of 5 continents, with fun cultural programs, in the spirit of the Olympic Idea and international friendship of youth.

21–26 June, 2022

Hungary, Győr, Olympic Sport Park


U11 Boy’s teams U11 Girl’s teams
U11 Boy’s singles U11 Girl’s singles
U13 Boy’s singles U13 Girl’s singles
U15 Boy’s singles U15 Girl’s singles
U15 Boy’s doubles U15 Girl’s doubles
U15 Boy’s teams U15 Girl’s teams
U17 Boy’s singles U17 Girl’s singles
U19 Boy’s singles U19 Girl’s singles
U19 Boy’s doubles U19 Girl’s doubles
U19 Boy’s teams U19 Girl’s teams

Player entry restriction:

2 age categories per player (U11 and U13; U13 and U15; U15 and U17; U17 and U19)

Age groups:
U11:      born on or after 1 January, 2011
U13:      born on or after 1 January, 2009
U15:      born on or after 1 January, 2007
U17:      born on or after 1 January, 2005
U19:      born on or after 1 January, 2003


The competitions are open for entry to all National Associations, Regional Delegations and Clubs. All players must be eligible to represent their Association. The abbreviation of the name of the country will be shown beside each player’s name.

Delegation entry restriction:
The maximum number of the players from the delegations: 6 players per event.
Remaining players placed on the Waiting List.
Entering to the competition depends on the maximum number of entries.
The maximum number of the teams from the Nations: 3 teams per event. (The clubs need to consult their National Association).

International Preparation Training Camp

The training camp is optional.

The head-coaches:
Ferenc Karsai (former captain of Austrian National Team and coach of Werner Schlager, singles world champion is 2003),
Krisztina Tóth (7 times European champion, now in Germany, she is Sport Referent of the Bavarian Youth National Team),
Peter Aranyosi (former captain of the Hungarian Man National Team and coach of the BVSC Budapest team, when Jörgen Persson played for the team, now coach of the Hungarian Man National Team),

Rules, system of play, draw

According to the ITTF rules. Players can win World Ranking points.
All the matches will be played best of 5 games.

Singles events will be played in 2 stages:
1st stage: qualification group matches, round-robin system with groups of 4 or 5 players.
2nd stage: main draw with knock-out system.

The doubles and the teams events will be played with knock-out system from the beginning.
The system of play for the teams with the New Swaythling Cup System (A-X, B-Y, C-Z, A-Y, B-X).
Date of the draw: 20 June, 2022


The Olympic Sport Park is a high standard complex, opened in 2017 with the competitions of the European Youth Olympic Festival.

The competitions will be held in 3 neighbouring halls of 47 tables. 22 tables will be available for practice. All the halls will have official red sport flooring (Enlio and Taraflex).


Tables: JOOLA 2000-S (blue)
Balls: JOOLA Flash *** (white)

Overall point competition

All the events will be registered.
Points in the singles and doubles events:

1st place              24 points
2nd place            18 points
3rd places           14 points
5–8th places      10 points
9–16th places   6 points

(In case of the double partner of different associations, the number of points is halved.)

Points in the team events:
1st place              35 points
2nd place            25 points
3rd places           20 points
5–8th places      15 points
9–16th places   10 points

In the singles, in the doubles and in the team events the top 4 placed will receive medals.
The team winners and the top 3 of the overall point competition will receive cups.

Prize money

Based on the point competition, for the most successful Nations:

1st place              USD 5000
2nd place            USD 3000
3rd place             USD 2000

For the points competition, the results of a country’s delegations (clubs, regional and national teams) will be added up and evaluated.

Entry fee – Accommodation rates

Option 1: in Youth Hostel
USD 90 in double room, +USD 10 in single room / person / night

Option 2: in Hotel 3 stars
USD 110 in double room, +USD 20 in single room / person / night

Option 3: in Hotel 4 stars
USD 130 in double room, +USD 25 in single room / person / night

The entry fee depends on your choice of accommodation, that the Organizing Committee provides for the participants.

Entry fee includes:
accommodation, full board with 3 meals (breakfast in the hotel, lunch and dinner in the venue), participation in all available events, participation in all fun cultural and optional programs, transfers to Budapest Airport or Győr Railway Station.

Entry form

In order to enter, please, complete and submit the application from the website, or

fill in the entry form which can be downloaded from and send it to the e-mail address

Entry fee payment

By bank transfer to the Hungarian TT Association:
Name of Account: Magyar Asztalitenisz Szövetség
Account / IBAN Number: HU68 11600006-00000000-95946061
Name of Bank: Erste Bank Zrt
Bank Address: Budapest, 1146, Gizella út 59.

Please send certificate of payment to the e-mail address at the same time as you transfer the entry fee.

Entry and entry fee payment deadlines

Preliminary entry deadline:
25 April, 2022

Final entry deadline:
20 May, 2022

Final payment deadline:
14 June 2022

Cancellation penalty fee

The cancellation penalty fee: after the final entry deadline USD 125
Full accommodation will be charged for cancellations after 13 June 2022.


Free of charge transfer:
for arrival: from Budapest Airport to Győr Olympic Sport Park, place of the accreditation,
for departure: from accommodation place to Budapest Airport
Travel time between Budapest–Győr (120 kilometers): about 100 minutes
From and to the Railway Station in Győr also free of charge.
Payment for transfer from and to an other Airport (Vienna or Bratislava): USD 40 per person


Győr, Olympic Sport Park
Radnóti Miklós str. 46.

20 June, 2022 (Monday), 12.00–20.00
21 June, 2022 (Tuesday), 10.00–20.00

Vacation opportunities

We would like to draw your attention to Well Travel Budapest as the official travel agency of the Youth TT Festival. After the events – from 27 June 2022 – Well Travel is at your disposal with even just a few days of a nice holiday programme to guarantee unforgettable experiences in Hungary.


The prospectus is subject to changes as might be deemed necessary, to ensure the safety of athletes and other participants in the current pandemic situation.

We all hope, this will not be necessary!

Information service

Organizing Committee of the World Festival
Telephone: +36-30-5802519
Homepage of the World Festival: